Bonsoirée Underground Movement

The Bonsoirée Underground dining movement does not cease to evolve. We are close to unveiling a fun, new, way to enjoy our Saturday Underground menu. Bonsoirée will soon begin to offer the Underground menu on a monthly basis, in unique venues around the city.

What venues would you like us to consider?

Please leave a suggestion or two. We are open to come to your secret mansion or loft space. Just let us know!


Bonsoirée catering delivers value with the aid of a liquor license

We are proud to announce that Bonsoirée catering has been approved for a city of Chicago, off-premise Liquor License. Bonsoirée catering will continue to allow catering clients to provide their own alcohol.

As a Bonsoirée catering client this means that we can provide the license to pour alcohol, along with the insurance coverage, for much less. Refunds will be offered by the vendors in our network for unopened wine and spirits. Our vendor matching service allows you to purchase directly, while paying less than retail price for alcohol.

Bonsoirée catering liquor license affords our clients three opportunities to save on the wonderful product/service mix we provide. The Bonsoirée family delivers yet another reason to be festive this holiday season, as you celebrate with your coworkers, friends, and family.

Bonsoirée named most Fit for Foodies – Top 50 Restaurant List by Opentable

We are proud to announce that OpenTable recently named Bonsoirée as one of the winners of its 2010 Diners’ Choice Awards.   Bonsoirée is one of the Chicago restaurants which made the list of top 50  restaurants most Fit for Foodies in the United States.

Based on feedback collected from OpenTable diners between September 2009 and August 2010, Bonsoirée received the highest scores from OpenTable diners, indicating we are among the restaurants most considered most Fit for Foodies.

Our dining room and kitchen staff are eager to indulge your palates with our newly-released fall menu.  To experience the culinary avenue of pleasure we have to offer, ring 773.486.7511 to secure your table, grab your favorite bottle from the cellar and make your way to 2728.  Our fall menu highlights include a slow cooked rabbit dish and the smoking bacon box.

To learn more, please visit

Change Changes Things

The air is brisk, the wind is ferocious, the trees are loosing its summer luster and leaves are changing colors.  An imminent change is upon Chicago’s political landscape as our current mayor Daley announced (after 21 years of leadership) that he will not run for office in 2011.  At Bonsoirée, we welcome such change.  It is no secret that change is a vital element in the Bonsoirée formula.

A week from today will make it four years since we opened doors as a caterer with a storefront which sold food out of a deli case.  It took little time for us to accelerate into a restaurant which served brunch, lunch and dinner.  A few months beyond that, Bonsoirée erupted into a full-blown revolution which has forever changed Chicago’s byob scene.  We often joke that our dining room has gone through as much change as our seasonal menus.

We find it important to share our movement with you, so that we can keep you up to date with what goes on in the little building at Armitage & Fairfield, otherwise known to those on the inside as “2728”.   We recently updated our dining room.  Some upcoming changes include our new fall menu on September 28th.  Beyond that, you can expect a new and improved Bonsoirée website.  But there’s much more!  Please bookmark our blog and check back often if you’d like to be a part of 2728.